Institute for Excellence in Higher Education(IEHE), Bhopal
An Autonomous Institute established by Govt. of M.P.(College with Potential for Excellence Status Conferred by UGC)
Girls Hostel of IEHE

IEHE is a state level institute. Students from all over MP, as well as from outside the state, take admission in the reputed Honours and Post-Graduate Courses. The IEHE Hostel is a home away from home for these out-station students. The loving care of the hostel staff, excellent facilities and an atmosphere of mutual cooperation create an ambiance which is unparalleled in the state.There is a 107-seated girl’s hostel in the Institute Campus itself. Arrangement has been made for a female Hostel Manager who will be available round the clock in the Hostel. A female member of the teaching staff will be the Superintendent for the Hostel. For overall supervision of the Hostel, a Hostel Management Committee is constituted every year under a senior Professor of the Institute. Superintendent of the Hostel, Professor in charge of mess and Hostel Manager constitute the committee.


Only girl students residing outside Bhopal will be eligible for admission in the Hostel in the academic session 2017-2018. No student will be eligible for admission just because she happens to be an inmate in the previous session. Those desirous of admission shall have to apply in the prescribed form (Enclosure-I). Applications for admission to the hostel will be considered only if these are accompanied by an undertaking from the parent/guardian of the application that the Hostel rules are acceptable to them. In general, preference will be given for admission to the hostel to those who were hostlers in the previous session and have passed with high marks. If needed, parents/guardians of the students desirous of admission to the Hostel may be called for interview.

Hostel Rules

1 Allotment of accommodation will be made by the Hostel Superintendent in keeping with the reservation policy of the State Government.

2 Only the student who has been allotted a room shall reside in it. No friend, guest or relative shall be allowed to stay therein. While in the Hostel, an inmate shall have to maintain the dignity of the Institute in her behavior and shall also be suitably dressed at all times.

3 In case of an urgency or unforeseen emergency the inmates may be required to share their room.

4 It is compulsory to maintain discipline in the Hostel. The inmates must follow the directions of the Superintendent, maintain cleanliness and observe the time schedules. Strict disciplinary action shall be taken if the inmates resist the rules laid down in above respects. At the same time girls for maintaining discipline will be awarded from the current session.

5 It is compulsory for the inmates of the Hostel to always keep their Identity card with them.

6 Keeping explosives of any kind and arms or firearms of any type in the Hostel would be a punishable offence.

7 Going to rivers, lakes or reservoirs outside the Institute campus is strictly prohibited.

8 The Manager/Superintendent may, if needed, search any room or block and the concerned student has to cooperate in the search.

9 The inmates must not adopt the means of agitation, violence or terror to counter any problem or difficulty.

10 The use of electronic gadgets like radio, TV, press, heater or room heater etc is strictly prohibited in the room, however, facility of hot water, washing machine, water coolers shall be provided and a sum shall be charged under the maintenance head.

11 Maintenance of the facilities provided to the students by the Institute in every room shall be the responsibility of the students occupying the room. In case of breakage or fault that an item develops, its cost (with fine) will be recovered from the concerned student. Similarly, if any snag in a facility provided to a block of rooms develops it shall be the responsibility of the students occupying that bloc of rooms and they shall have to compensate for the loss (with fine). For harm or disorder caused to facilities meant for all the inmates of the Hostel, the inmates shall be collectively responsible and required to pay the cost (with fine).

12 Graffiti (writing or drawing anything) and sticking papers on walls, windows, fixture or furniture is strictly prohibited.

13 There would be a team of students in-charge for every wing by rotation who will help the Managers in the general upkeep /cleanliness and in the maintenance of discipline in the Hostel.

14 Mobiles should be kept switched off from 10 pm to 6 am.

Attendance, Outings and Holidays
1 The Hostel Manager shall maintain a record of each student’s attendance in a register, which will be submitted to the Superintendent and to the Director every day. The register would indicate whether a student’s absence is with or without the due approval.
2 Inmates of the Hostel will not be allowed to go out on working days unless urgent. On the second and fourth Sunday of every month they may be allowed to go out with prior permission of the Superintendent, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., usually in a group.
3 For seeking permission to go out, the student shall have to apply a day in advance. The student will be allowed to go out on written requisition for permission to the Manager who will maintain a record of such applications. Information regarding student’s outing will be entered in a register, which will be submitted every day to the Director through the Superintendent.
4 The filling of feedback form is compulsorily for all the hostellers to bring about qualitative changes and improvement in the hostel by way of their suggestions and grievances if any.
5 The local guardians of hostlers may take their wards home on holidays for which they shall have to apply to the Hostel Superintendent, a day in advance. Such applications shall clearly state the time of the student’s departure and return. A letter stating the arrival and departure time from LG's house, duly signed by LG must be submitted on return from every visit to LG's house. Inmates of the Hostel will be allowed to accompany only if their guardians authorize them. Escorting the inmates of the Hostel back to the Hostel will be the responsibility of the guardian. Sanctioned leave applications, submitted by the guardian along with other relevant information, will be kept in record by the Hostel Manager. The same procedure shall be followed if the parents/guardians wish to take out their wards on working days.
6 Relatives identified in the admission form alone will be permitted to meet the hosteller. Relatives of the hostellers may, with the permission of the Manager, meet them at an appointed place in the Hostel between 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on any day. They are not allowed to meet in the Hostel rooms. A record of the visitors will be maintained by the manager in a register that the visitor shall have to sign. This Register will be submitted to the Director every day through the Hostel Superintendent
7 Whenever a student comes to the Hostel from her home-town, a fax from parents/guardians addressed to the Director should reached the institute indicating the train she shall be boarding and the approximate time of her arrival in the hostel. A record of such correspondence will be maintained by the concerned Hostel Manager.


             There is a system of weekly visits by a lady doctor for a routine checkup of inmates. If a student residing in the hostel is taken ill, the Manager shall, as possible, arrange for immediate medical aid and inform the Superintendent of the hostel as well as the local guardian of the student. It will be the duty of the local guardian to arrange for taking home the sick ward with his own means within an hour of having received such information and take further steps suitably. If, in case of illness, the Institute has to incur any expenditure on immediate medical assistance to the student, the amount spent shall have to be reimbursed by the parent/guardian of the student.




Students admitted in the hostel will be required to pay the fees as shown below:-


S.N. Description of fee Amount in Rs. (per student per month )
1  Room rent  
Single seated furnished 1200/- Per Month
Double seated furnished 1000/- Per Month
2 Maintenance & Other services 750/- Per Month
3 Mess charges includes (Tea, Snacks, Meals, Dinner) 1800/- Per Month
4 Caution money (Refundable) 5000/-
5 Skiil Development 800/-                                                       
6 Cooler on demand (seasonal) At market rate on no profit no loss basis


  •  Hostel fee for the session 2018- 19 will be collected annually at the time of Admission
  • Rules for depositing hostel fee are applicable for I, II, III year.
  • In case of student leaving the hostel during midsession it will not be refunded in any case.
  • Mess fees shall have to be deposited in the Online / Institute Office on or before the 15th of every month failing which a fine of Rs. 50/- per day shall be levied. Fee structure may be revised any time, if need be in the current or following sessions.
1 It is compulsory for all hostlers to join the Institute mess.
2 Mess arrangements in the Hostel are made through a contractor. Changes may be made in these arrangements if such a need arises.
3 Tea and meals etc. in the Mess will be served in accordance with a time schedule, which will be available with the Manager. Bells will be rung heralding the beginning and end of the timings, beyond which no tea or meals etc. will be served. The time schedule shall have to be followed strictly. Tea and meals etc. will not be served in the rooms.
4 No student is allowed to enter the Kitchen.
5 In no case shall a student have any direct dealing with the Mess contractor or his employees. In all matters they shall give in writing to the Hostel Manager. The verdict of the Hostel Manager and Professor incharge Mess shall be final.
6 The Mess contractor and his employees shall in no case have any direct dealing with the students but shall give their submissions to the Hostel Manager in writing.
7 If need be, any one belonging to the Institute, or her guest, may be served a meal @ of Rs.60/- and special thali for Rs 80/- , tea for Rs.7/- with the prior permission of the Hostel Manager, for which payment shall have to be made directly to the contractor.
8 If a student is admitted some time in the middle of a month, she will have to deposit the full monthly fee.
9 If a student avails the mess facility during the declared vacation/semester break then she will have to pay for the mess facility on pro rate basis of the monthly fees.
10 The membership of the Mess cannot be given up in mid-session, if it is done, the prescribed Mess Fee for the whole session shall have to be paid.
11 At the end of an academic session, on the day following the conclusion of examinations, it is compulsory for a student to vacate the Hostel, without leaving behind any luggage/belongings.
12 Even after being denied Hostel facilities owing to unavoidable reasons, a student may be allowed to stay on, if deemed necessary, with the permission of the Director. A student shall have to apply it and pay Rs.100/- per day for furnished room for her stay and pay for the mess facilities as per the prevalent rates.

1)Every inmate opting for furnished room shall have to bring with her two bed-sheets, a pillow, a quilt or blanket or two pillow covers.

2)Every inmate would be issued a plate, a glass and a cup for daily use to be maintained by them.

3)Parents/Guardians of hostlers may talk to them over the Institute telephone No. 2492433.

4)Letters, addressed to students shall be given to the concerned student by the the Hostel Manager.

5)It is mandatory for all hostlers to keep this prospectus with them and to act in accordance with its regulations.

6)These regulations can be changed/amended if so needed and the changed/amended regulations shall have to be followed.

7)In case of any doubt or disagreement regarding Hostel/Mess, the decision of the Director, Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, shall be final and binding.

8)The disciplined atmosphere and regular morning YOGA classes keeps the students physically fit and mentally alert. All hostellers are expected to attend the yoga classes regularly.

Life of my life, I shall ever try to keep body pure, knowing that they living touch is upon all my limbs. I shall ever try to keep all untruths out from my thoughts, knowing that thou art that truth which was kindled the light of reason in my mind. I shall ever try to drive all evils away from my heart and keep my love in flower, knowing that thou hast thy seat in the inmost shrine of my heart. And it shall be my endeavor to reveal thee in my actions, knowing it is thy power that gives me strength to act.